124 Vine Drive Brandon, MS 39047           Dr. Kelvin Langston, Pastor




We exist for the purpose of worshipping and glorifying God and making disciples through evangelism, education, and edification.  The bible teaches in Psalm 100 and Isaiah 43, that we were created by Him and called by His name for the purpose of worshipping and glorifying God.  

Pastor's Vision
Be A Team Player
(Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-28, 14:33)

Church Purpose
Equip the Saints
Evangelize the Sinner
Exalt the Savior
(Scripture: Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16:15)

Church Motto
Bible Fed, Spirit Led Church of Unlimited Potential
(Scripture: Philippians 4:13)

 Pastor's Vision for 2015
Giving God Your Best In The Spirit of Excellence (Scripture: Philippians 3:13-14)
Committing To Moving Forward In The Spirit of Excellence (Scripture: Deuteronomy 1:5-8)

"Let Go and Let God"